Featured Artist: Q&A with Justin Holt


Bio: Justin Holt is an artist and musician who lives and works in North Carolina. He is an Avant-garde saxophonist, cornetist, improviser, painter, and founder of the Pink Lady Apple House. He describes himself as a “natural free expressionist”. 

I love your colorful abstract paintings…There is so much movement. Can you tell me the inspiration behind these pieces?

I usually just sit down and start painting. Though the occasional instances where I may have imagined a couple shapes or something. But normally just sit down and go to work. My inspiration is possibility.





I would love to hear more about your creative process. Will you describe it to me?

I’m very much into free improvisation in both my painting and my sonic work. I believe that the moment is rich with possibility and honesty and I try to just let it happen and turn off the inner critic. Which can be a challenge sometimes. And let my work just exist in its most honest natural form.

You are also a musician. Tell me about your musical projects and is there a bridge somewhere between your art and music?

Yes I am part of a duo called caterpillar hedge. Along with mike gese on drums. we exercise free improvisation as I mentioned earlier natural sonic expression in Its most honest form possible. It’s incredibly fun you never know what your gonna get.
And in my mind I don’t really seperate the two …music and art. They are one in my mind.

Tell me more about your little girl named Marley. How has parenthood influenced your art making? 

Marley is really something else. She just turned four in April…she loves to sing, and dance. She plays the drums, Mandolin electric guitar and harmonica. She also paints. And it’s effected my creating in many ways. But the main thing she has taught me is how to just be and not “try” to do this or that just do it. We paint together often and I get to see first hand, a child being a child with no expectations just painting to paint! And it’s really amazing to see and be apart of. I’m so proud of her and I’m very thankful for her.



Artwork by Marley, Age 4.



Artwork by Marley, Age 4.


What are your greatest artistic influences? 

My greatest influence is possibility. And I’m fascinated by what the imagination is capable of.





Connect with Justin Holt:
Retail Gallery: http://bbryantgallerys.com/gallery/
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/thepinkladyapp5/
Twitter: @thepinkladyapp5 
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCAeYIS8BDzQ-_l4RLpCIWVw
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