Artist of the Week: Jin Kwang You

February 06, 2016

Jin Kwang You is an artist based Seoul, South Korea whose works on canvas evoke feelings of nostalgia, childhood and imagination. His latest series (a collaborative effort with friend JT Kim), features some of the most well-loved icons from the 80’s to early 90’s: Super Mario Bros., Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters to name a few.


The process of creating each piece is an intricate and time consuming one. First he paints the background of each piece in oils. Then he creates each character by melting the beads together with an iron, then hand-sews each bead onto the painted canvas. The process is painstaking, but the end result is all well worth the effort, as the beads give the impression of pixels on a screen and enhance the retro feel.


Jin Kwang You, Transformation, oil and beads on canvas

Jin Kwang You (in collaboratiion w/ JT Kim): Upgrade, oil and beads on canvas (click to enlarge).


Jin Kwang’s work is so cool I really had a hard time deciding which one to feature. I encourage everyone to discover more in the links below:





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Artist of the Week: Jeni Lee, The Art of Process

January 30, 2016

Jeni Lee is a painter based in Portland, Oregon whose soft atmospheric works are inspired by the environments where she has lived and traveled to. Her paintings capture the ways in which we experience our surroundings and the impressions that they leave behind in the mind’s eye.

I have been captivated, not only by Jeni’s work, but also by her process, in which she seems to dip her brush into her wells of memory and the subconscious, and brings forth a bit of what she finds onto each canvas. Sometimes thoughts that pop up while painting will even make their way onto the walls!

Jeni Lee’s paintings consist of many glazes and washes of color. There is a lot of push and pull, also a lot of knowledge vs. instinct at work (and perhaps also at play). The end result is always a dynamic surface that is both complex and strikingly beautiful in its simplicity.


Jeni Lee, Afternoon Approach, 2015, acrylic on canvas (click to enlarge).

Jeni Lee, Afternoon Approach, 2015, acrylic on canvas (click to enlarge).


To follow and support this artist:

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Artist of the Week: Joseph Pastula (Silkworms Art)

January 23, 2016

Thought it would be fun to introduce a comic artist as our next artist of the week. Joseph Pastula (a New England native now living in Tokyo, Japan) is the artist behind the emerging Silkworms Art comic series, where he depicts a world of strange characters with perhaps some obvious physical differences, but very real emotions. In Pastula’s world, body parts seem to have a mind of their own and the physical appearance of each character reflects an inner state of being: Limbs are stretched from too much longing and reaching for something that can never be reached. Body parts get lost as one loses parts of oneself. Sometimes limbs are found and reattached, perhaps a metaphor for self-discovery. Legs may also run off when there is somewhere they want to go. Sometimes these characters even choose to modify themselves. Perhaps these are the moments in Joe’s comic that some may find to be most disturbing, however these dark elements are balanced with strange humor, tenderness and self-discovery. You will see that these freakish misfits really just want to love and fit in.


Silkworms Art Comic by Joseph Pastula (click to enlarge).

Silkworms Art Comic by Joseph Pastula (click to enlarge).


To follow and support Joe’s latest work:


Instagram: @Silkworms_art

Twitter: @xcornmuffinx

Facebook Page:

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Artist of the Week: Jan Zoya

January 16, 2016

This week’s featured artist is Jan Zoya! I admire Jan’s abstracts and appreciate Jan’s sensitivity to color, as well as her painting technique, which allows for process to show. Layers of color give each piece an ethereal quality and also a sense of atmosphere. Looking at Jan’s work is like being transported to another realm, sometimes even a fairy land, where lights shimmer behind veils of color and mystery. There is something alluring about each piece. There are secrets to be found in each layer, but you need to slow down and look in order to find them. Her work is not simply thrown at an audience, but set out as graceful offerings. It it is up to each viewer to have the openness to discover and explore.

Jan Zoya’s life is as interesting and colorful as her work. In addition to being an artist, Jan is also a world traveler, energy medicine practitioner and spiritual seeker. She is currently living in South America, studying the ways of native shamanic tribes in Peru.


Jan Zoya, Ramshackle Harbor, 30x30, oil on canvas.

Jan Zoya, Ramshackle Harbor, 30×30, oil on canvas (click to enlarge).


For more info on Jan’s beautiful work, you can find her online at:


Twitter/Instagram: @janzoya


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Artist of the Week: Jessica Regele

January 09, 2016

Jessica Regele is both an artist and artisan. Her studio is fully stocked with a variety of unique items, both decorative and useful, however Jess takes an artistic approach to all that she creates.

Jessica creates standard pottery items such as mugs and bowls, yet she adds her own unique style and flair. I especially like her “cemetery cups”, each engraved with a seventeenth century “death’s head” (or winged skull), similar to those still found in graveyards across New England. Jess also creates other items such as wall hangings, jewelry and other tiny treasures. The most impressive of her collection, however, are her large and small scale ceramic sculptures of skulls, anthropomorphic bunnies, cats, creatures, and figurative works. Each is sure to enchant and add a touch of magic to any space.



Small sampling of Jessica Regele’s work (click to enlarge).


To follow and support Jess’s work, or to find out more about her upcoming open studios and events, you can like her Facebook page here:


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Artist of the Week: Ethan Boisvert

January 03, 2016

Happy New Year!! Excited to give a shout out to my first featured artist for my #SupportLivingArtistsIn2016 project! Our first featured artist of the week is CT/NY abstract painter and photographer Ethan Boisvert! His manner of style is pure abstraction where form, texture, and color are emphasized. He describes his work as visual poetry and I enjoy that you can see the energy that he pours into each piece.

You can follow and support this artist at:


Twitter/Instagram: @edboisvert


Ethan Boisvert, Turns on a Dime, 36x30, oil on canvas.

Ethan Boisvert, Turns on a Dime, 36×30, acrylic on canvas. (click to enlarge)


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December 21, 2015


Excited to soon be launching my ‪#‎SupportLivingArtistsIn2016‬ campaign! Each week in 2016, I will be featuring a new artist in this blog as well as on my social media sites to follow and support!

The purpose of this project is to:
– Educate the public about the online arts community
– Share with you a sampling of the vibrant artwork being produced by today’s contemporary artists 
– Encourage the support of living artists
– Create a network of artists who support each other. 

No money or space for art? You can still help encourage these artists and show your support for them by liking/sharing upcoming posts to spread the word. Stay tuned for more details. Also, Feel free to also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (links below) for more info and inspiration. Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!! -Lisa



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Autism Speaks

September 26, 2015


So excited to see my work and writing (along with the portraits of some of my favorite little rockstars) featured on the Autism Speaks website!! I would like to thank each family for sharing their stories with me and inspiring me to paint their beautiful children. The more awareness we raise together, the closer we move toward autism acceptance:


Alex, 2015, oil and mixed media on canvas

Alex, 2015, oil and mixed media on canvas. 24×24″


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Alexa: A Picture of Strength, Beauty, Intelligence, and Humor

August 01, 2015

Alexa, 2015, 24x24, oil on canvas

Alexa, 2015, 24×24″, oil on canvas (click to enlarge)


I am so grateful for the amazing families who have contributed and collaborated with me for my “Artism” project and for helping me along my mission to show everyone just how awesome kids on the spectrum can be! My most recent portrait is that of Alex’s friend Alexa. My son would tell you however that Alexa is his “girlfriend”, but I’m sure all the other boys in their preschool class are claiming the same…I have no doubt that this girl will have no trouble finding a prom date in 2027 ☺.

Alexa is not just a beauty; she is also naturally very strong and athletic. She loves to dance and sing to Taylor Swift and has amazing rhythm. It is so much fun to watch Alex and Alexa play together! They both enjoy a similar sense of humor. They dance and imitate each other’s silly sounds and movements, and play little “games”… One of my favorite things about Alexa is her infectious laugh!

This smart girl is now learning to read and could identify every letter of the alphabet before 2 years old, and could spell before the age of 3. She has won both the friendliness and independence awards in her preschool class. It has been a pleasure watching Alexa grow. Just this past year, Alexa’s family moved into a new home and became a big sister! Alexa has been amazing toward her baby sister, Cami and loves her very much. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

For the painting, I chose an image captured by Alexa’s mom Lori, a photographer* as inspiration. I loved the close-up of her eyes and the painterly quality of the image and knew it would be the one I wanted to use… I think seeing Alexa everyday allowed me to paint her portrait more like the way she looks today, at 4 ½ years old. It was the most challenging piece of the series so far because the plan I had in mind for the next several paintings was to make each one monochromatic (painted with mostly one color), so they could be displayed all together to form a spectrum of color, but I thought one in all yellow wouldn’t look great, and this girl is just too pretty to be painted in just one color. Also, I like color too much and I got a little carried away and gave myself extra work…Or maybe it’s because I’m such a rebel; I can’t even follow my own rules.

For the text, I hand stamped on the surface of the canvas a few words that I believe all children need to hear and internalize, especially special children with special needs–and these very important words are:

You are capable.

You are valuable.

You are loved.


*Also, here’s the link to Lori’s Facebook photography page (I would recommend for my readers in Southern NH with sensitive or special needs children): Laurie Spillane Photography

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Fresh off the easel…

July 20, 2015

Impression of Almond Trees in Bloom, 2015, 36x24", oil on canvas.

Impression of Almond Trees in Bloom, 2015, 36×24″, oil on canvas.


I recently completed this commissioned piece for a client who loves Van Gogh, and wanted me to paint something inspired by the painting, Almond Branches in Bloom, San Remy, c.1890. The client also requested that I add my own color and personal flair…The client is very happy with the results, and can’t wait to hang it in her living room.

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