Lisa K. Salerno is a New England painter, artisan and art writer associated with Lyrical Abstraction, feminism and equality, as well as projects that promote awareness and empowerment of those on the autism spectrum.

Her series, “Paper Dolls” was conceived while sitting at a table and cutting out strands of paper dolls to entertain her daughter. Something clicked, and she found herself imagining a story for each nameless, faceless form and became completely obsessed with the repetitive patterns that unfolded. This small moment lead to a whole series of work that investigates the complexities of the feminine experience, but in a playful way.

Lisa holds a BFA from The Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, where she studied under NY painter Pat Lipsky. Since then, Salerno selected for residency at the
renowned Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT, actively participated in many arts related auctions and events, and has exhibited internationally. Her works have been acquired and commissioned for inclusion in various private, corporate, and public

Salerno is also an Art Writer with the London-based publication Niji Magazine, and a regular Art Columnist at Inigo Online. Her art and writing has also been featured in the Autism Speaks website, the Artful Vagabond, The Connecticut River Review and in several other online and print publications.

Lisa currently resides in Greater Boston with her husband and two kids who inspire and exhaust her everyday.

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