Malinda Prud'homme, Golden Indian Bride, mixed media on canvas (click to enlarge).

Malinda Prud’homme, Golden Indian Bride, mixed media on canvas (click to enlarge).

Artist of the Week: Malinda Prud’homme


Malinda Prud’homme is a Toronto-based artist who paints stunning portraits like the Sikh beauty above, “Golden Indian Bride”.  Malinda focuses on portraying natural female beauty and uses her art to express that all women are beautiful in their own unique way; regardless of age, size, ethnicity, or style. According to Malinda:

“Growing up I always felt there was a huge lack of variety in what the media portrayed as beauty. I yearned to see freckles, gapped teeth, asymmetrical faces, wrinkles, and people of color and other non–Caucasian ethnicities. It wasn’t that the women in the media were not beautiful; they were and still are absolutely stunning; but I feel it’s time to start celebrating the beauty of all women, not just one group.”

Malinda carefully paints each subject with extreme attention to detail, down to every last hair and eyelash. Not allowing the brushstrokes to show, Malinda’s paintings have a smoothness that somehow remind me of the painting-style of Georgia O’Keefe. While Malinda primarily works in acrylic and oil paint, she also utilizes a wide variety of media including watercolors, charcoal, encaustic (wax) paint, and colored pencils.

When asked about her technique for her portraits, she explains that she creates them using mostly acrylic paint. In her “Golden Indian Bride”, Malinda used a bottled gold acrylic and dropped it onto the canvas in a mendhi inspired design. She also often uses a sparkly medium called “Mica” to create the effect of jewelry and other adornments. Finally, to add even more shimmer, Malinda attaches high quality acrylic gems directly onto her paintings.
The jewels are a nice enhancement, and demonstrate Malinda’s fastidious judgment in adding them in a manner that is well-balanced — each piece can be seen and enjoyed as a unified whole.

My favorite part of Prud’homme’s painted portraits, however, are the details she puts in the eyes and how they seem to reflect the light of the jewels. This really is what engages the viewer and captures each subject’s expression and spirit.

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